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EV X2.jpg

Electro Voice X2 for sale

110.000 EUR (+ VAT)

18x speaker 212/90

12x Speaker X12-128

4x AMP rack in flight case

(each rack consists of: 4x EV TG-7 with RCM-28 Omneo card and 1x X-line Advance)

1x Flight case with speaker cables:

(24x Speakon 8 cable, 1 meter, 10x Speakon 8 cable, 8 meters, 8 x Speakon 8 cable, 15 meters, 8x Speakon 8 coupling bus)

1x Flight case with:

(2x EV Pull Up bottom Grid X1 / X2 Modules, 2x EV Compact Grid X1 / X2 Modules, 2x EV Extended Grid X1 / X2 Modules)

1x Flight case with cables: 

(2x ETC-75 Ethercon reel 75 meters, 2x ETC-30 Ethercon 30 meters, 4x ETC-02 Ethercon 2 meters, 3x 220-33 220V reel 33 meters, 2x CEE-02 CEE 32a 2 meters, 2x CEE-10 CEE 32a 10 meter, 2x CEE-25 CEE 32a 25 meters)

1x laptop with control programs


The set is partly from December 2015 and for part of January 2016, this is an DEMO set, 100% state, very preserved - as new ones, amplifier used max. 100 hours.

LOCATE: Czech Republic, CITY: Cheb


PHONE: +420 731 769 170

the price of the new system:  215.500 EUR

More illustrative photos of EV X2 system:

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